the keeper’s


Stranded at sea amidst a brewing storm, this visual novel explores the strange happenings of the outside world from the isolation of a lighthouse. Choose your own narrative and learn the lives of the locals and discover the secrets kept within. 
Superstitions of a sea serpent have slithered throughout a small fishing village in Northern Scotland for generations. Tales of a scaled beast with rows of razor teeth and ragged fins. A waterlogged monster that stretches to such fearsome lengths that it could strangle the island’s shorelines with ease.  

But also, for generations, there have been lighthouse keepers; considered to the village as pairs of honest protectors. For generations, the serpent has existed in cautionary tales, in warped visions borne from seasickness and intoxication. But today it exists in the devouring of a current lighthouse keeper, it exists in the frantic reports of the other.
You are this surviving Keeper. Now isolated and held hostage in your rickety lighthouse, a ruthless storm and paranoid fear as your captors. 

Communicate with the outside world - utilising letters, and radio messages - to navigate through these now turbulent conditions. Make people believe you. Keep them out of the water. No one can leave the village. They cannot. 

Because horrors such as this must remain unknown. 

Aye, set your sights upon the horizon and hearken to the tales whispered through the channels of the celestial spheres.

Take up thy trusty radio, a beacon of knowledge in this vast expanse of waves, and let it guide thee into the abyssal depths where mysteries lie in wait.

As the waves crash against the tower and the stars twinkle overhead, ponder the marvels that await discovery.

Can you fathom the findings behind the frequency, unraveling the mysteries that dance upon the shimmering surface of the sea?

keeper’s veil.

Coming soon.