Two Games Art and Design students with a passion for mystery, the psychological horror genre, and art.

Beth – Lead Artist

As a character designer, concept and environment artist, my all-time favourite inspiration has always been games. I could always be caught drawing when I was younger, and combined with an ever-growing market of games, I found passion for expressing all my ideas through the virtual world. I enjoy being part of a community of creatives with varied skills and exploring the many perspectives that come along with it. Character design stands out to me as it brings art to life; it allows the story behind the artwork to speak for itself. It is my goal to create memorable pieces that not only reflect me, but also encourage others to do the same.

Millie – Lead Designer

What I adore most about games is their unique allowances for storytelling. My first experience with a rich story-based game left me enamoured by how invested I became with the characters, how enthralled I was with the beautifully horrific visuals, and how these aspects aided in presenting a narrative that affects me to this day. With a background in art, and more recently in writing, I aim to make projects that have the potential to truly connect with people. Creating games that achieve but transcend surface level enjoyment, and impact players personally; whether that means a small detail has stuck with them, or they have been inspired to create something of their own.